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Welcome to Parrett History

My name is Mark Ingels and over the past several months my mother Susan Parrett (Ingels) and I have started tracing our ancestry and we are hoping that this page will centralize all of the information that we have gathered.  Our goal is that others interested in the same information will find this page useful and we hope to get contributions (pictures, names, dates, etc...) from anyone that can help expand our knowledge base.

Most of the information contained here has been gathered from the sites listed on our site resources page, as well as from family members, friends and our own independent research.  We have tried our best to validate all of the information here, but errors are sure to exist.  Please contact us if you see any errors or oversights and we'll do our best to confirm and correct them.

Please be patient as we populate this page.  We have a massive amount of data to enter and we will be working as much as possible to not only fill in the blanks, but to do it accurately as well.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us.



Where do our Parrett's come from?

From Evelyn Graham: Many, many years ago there lived in France, a family who called themselves by the name of Paret.  They were driven by the wars into Switzerland, where, as the years went by, both the spelling of the name and their language were changed.  There is a monument near Berne that bears the names of men who fought for their country and among the names is inscribed that of Parrette.

One young man, Frederick Parrette, tiring of German rule, and hearing of America and the opportunities the New World afforded, boarded a vessel early in 1737 and sailed away to seek his fortune.  With him came his friend, Godfrey Wilkins.  It took these two young adventurers six months to reach America.  On arrival, they found the Shenandoah Valley was offering the best opportunity to immigrants, so they settled in this area of Virginia.



2/3/2015 Updated:  Parrett (Roderick), Viola Elin (1869-1966), Butters, Burch (1869-1934)

10/16/2014 Updated:  Leinberger, Wilhelm (1868-1925), Fees (Leinberger), Caroline (1873-1969)

09/15/2014 Updated:  Parrett, Charles Herman (1881-1918), Parrott, Ada Marie (1914-1917)

05/30/2014 Added:  Parrett, John N. (1864-1938)  Updated:  Parrett, Phillip C. (1857-1932)

05/30/2014 Updated:  Parrett (Fees), Lavada Madge (1894-1961)

05/27/2014 Added:  Parrett, Jacob Marion (1877-1963), Parrett, Rosa Marietta (1884-1962), Parrett, Stella Edith (1885-1990)

05/26/2014 Added:  Ohle, Edwin (1827-Aft. 1900), Douglass, William Andrew (1841-1919), Ohl, George Washington (1875-Aft. 1935)  Updated:  Bewley, Joseph Scott (1865-1930), Cline (Bewley), Anna Lee (1865-1933), Bewley, Robert Cline (1902-1936)

05/08/2014 Updated: Parrott, Jacob Hussey Washington (1825-1895), Stapleton (Parrott), Margaret "Mary" (1838-1895)

05/05/2014 Updated: Parrott, Jacob Hussey Washington (1825-1895), Parrett, Harry E. (1891-1900)

03/31/2014 Updated:  Bewley (DeBusk), Anna Belle (1899-1989), DeBusk (Brenner), Marilyn H. (1929-1999)

04/03/2014 Added: Bloomer (Ayers), Rebecca Britton (1808-1848)  Updated:  Bloomer, Joseph (1786-1859), Butters, Burch (1869-1934)

03/31/2014 Updated:  Bloomer, Joseph (1786-1859), Ohl (Parrett), Ruth Cora (1924-1975), Parrett, Edwin Roy (1925-2006)

03/23/2014 Updated:  Cline, William D. (1858-1932), Parrett (Fees), Lavada Madge (1894-1961), Ohl, Edward Joshua (1898-1974), Parrett (Lassen), Frances (1909-After 1973), Parrett (Wagner), Jessie Elizabeth (1913-1977), Parrett (Ingels), Susan Jean (1949-    )

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